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We truly like all our clients and we keep supporting them from the sidelines long after projects are over. There is however one, with whom we have decided to further strengthen the relationship and cooperation OVERSIZ3D has been a unique project from the beginning.

We started working with this start-up at a very early stage when there was only a MVP of the 3D printer. While we were working on strategy, naming and brand identification, we had the opportunity to get to know the team and see the true potential behind the technology.

At the beginning of the year, together with OVERSIZ3D, we created an interdisciplinary team, bringing together an expertise of designers, marketers, engineers, architects and materials specialists. Together, we will promote circular economy ideas, working on new applications for 3D printing, ranging from small objects to large forms. Thanks to the unique size of the printer, we are only constrained by our imagination (and clients budgets).

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